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Second Story Additions

There are a lot of reasons to explore the idea of home additions. Maybe you’re expanding your family, maybe you purchased your home planning to turn it into something more “you” or maybe you just want some more space and, at long last, are able to afford it.

Home expansion is an interesting and rewarding pursuit. From one room to entire floors, you’ll be creating a new space and upgrading, instead of investing in a whole new home.

At BC&I: General Contracting Service, we offer our clients affordable, high-quality, professional services from design, to build, to final inspection. Give us a call today to start planning your second story addition.

What Are You Getting Yourself Into?

Before embarking on any sort of home expansion, its important to consider what you’re getting yourself into. What costs are you looking at? Timeframe? How much will adding a second story interrupt your day-to-day life?

To start off, adding a second story to your home is one of the renovations that thankfully, will get you a return on investment. While it’s not as high as a bathroom or kitchen renovation, you’ll be looking at roughly 71.8% which is pretty good considering the money pit other renovations can be.

When it comes to home additions and other renovations, you’re looking at two camps: those who are doing it for themselves, and those who are doing it for resale value.

Second story additions are recommended for homeowners who plan to stay in their homes for a long time. While this renovation is a lasting renovation which puts it in the category of a worthwhile one for resale, the money and time spent will only really be worth it if you can enjoy it yourself at least for a while.

Second Story Addition Cost

Second story addition costs have a vast range. The national average puts costs at $90,000 to $120,000, but these are dependent on many factors.

Are you going to be putting a bathroom in as part of this addition? Does your existing home have a fireplace that will require a chimney extension? How easy is it to install a staircase on your main level?

Start thinking about all that’s involved in adding a second story. It’s pretty overwhelming! However, it’s always going to be more affordable and beneficial than selling your existing home and purchasing a new home.

If you love the street you’re on and want to upgrade, a second story addition is ideal. And by working with BC&I: General Contracting Service, you’ll be guaranteed fair pricing, and a full-service build from conception to completion.

Let’s Start Building! 

Upgrade your home without the stress of moving. Create customized and energy-efficient spaces. Get creative!

Adding space to your home will give you room to breathe, improve your lifestyle, and increase the value of your home.

Rely on the fully licensed, bonded, and insured contractors at BC&I: General Contracting Service and we’ll work closely together with you to create the second story of your dreams! Give us a call today to get all your questions answered and book a free service estimate.